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I have been using the services of Nurses At Home since it began operations in 2002. It has become an invaluable tool for the care of my post discharge patients who need continuing care at home. The feedbacks I get from my patients have been excellent

Dr. Suresh George V. Nainan,
Consultant Orthopedic and Trauma Surgeon

Why home nursing from N@H

Home nursing is an extremely serious affair. In a home environment, the nurse has no immediate access to doctors or specialized equipment if an emergency arises. Hence our home nurses are specially trained to respond to situations at home, a part time hospital nurse may not be able to handle.

Other advantages of Home Nursing with N@H:

  • Provides clients with an alternative to prematurely sending aged relatives to nursing homes
  • Allows clients to recuperate in the comfort of home among familiar surroundings and loved one
  • Receiving treatment at home limits the exposure to hospital-borne diseases
  • Solves the problem of finding someone to take patients to the hospital thereby reducing loss of productivity for caregivers
  • Reduces incidents of re-admission to hospitals by careful management of post discharge period
  • Helps to accelerate patients' return to normal Activities of Daily Living (ADL) through a review of the home environment, lifestyle and special needs of the patient
  • Our ability to train caregivers or domestic helpers to take on some aspects of home care allows families to save cost and transition the patient from professional nursing care to family based care sooner
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